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Hygiene Therapy in Kansas City

Dental cleanings are an integral part of overall dental health and should be conducted a minimum of twice a year. At a dental hygiene appointment, the hygienist will examine and measure the health of the gums and supporting tissues surrounding the teeth. Upon completion of the examination, the hygienist will use specialized instruments to gently remove hard and soft deposits on the surfaces of the teeth. The hygienist will also educate each patient on proper home care techniques.

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With my work demands I needed a dentist close to my office in downtown Kansas City.  Dr. Bruso gets me in and out with great results.  Very convenient location!


-Mike, Kansas City

Thank goodness for Dr. Bruso.  We have been to three dentists since moving to Kansas City.  We drive from Leawood to downtown Kansas City because my whole family loves him!


-Susan, Leawood

Crowns are a work of art and Dr. Bruso is an artist.

-Tom, Kansas City

I really appreciate the way Dr. Bruso takes his time when explaining things to me.  He is never rushed and you can tell that he really cares about his patients.  I also like the way he interacts with his staff.  There is definitely a mutual respect there.

-Stephanie, Mission, KS



Great dentist.  Great team.  Great facility in downtown Kansas City.

-David, Kansas City