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Teeth Whitening in Kansas City (home whitening)

Here are some important guidelines to follow when whitening teeth at home:

  • Make sure teeth are brushed and flossed thoroughly before each whitening session.  Plaque on teeth will act to reduce the bleaching effect of the solution.
  • Do not expose custom whitening trays to excessive heat as this may distort the trays and affect the bleaching result.
  • Maximum effect is usually seen within 2-4 weeks of continuous treatment.
  • Place a tear sized drop in the front of custom whitening tray and wear for 2-4 hours per day.  If excessive solution is expressed from the trays upon insertion, reduce the amount of solution placed in the trays.  Remove any excessive solution from the gum tissue.
  • If sensitivity occurs, try reducing the amount of time the trays are worn.  You may even take a day or two off between bleaching exposure.  If necessary, you may take ibuprofen to help with minor sensitivity.  If sensitivity becomes too great, we may prescribe a topical fluoride to help reduce sensitivity.
  • Please call us at 816-221-8686 with any additional questions or concerns.
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Patients are saying

I came to Dr. Bruso’s office with a broken tooth in back. It felt jagged because part of an old filling was still there.

Dr. Bruso told me that there was enough good tooth left that he could put a partial crown in place.  Great result.  Very thankful.

-Lane, North Kansas City

I had old crowns on my front teeth that never looked right.  They had a dark color around the gum line.  Dr. Bruso told me that this grey color was due to the metal underneath them.  I was thrilled to get new porcelain crowns that matched my natural tooth color.  They look so much better that I can’t believe it!


-Suzanne, Lee’s Summit

I had several large silver fillings from my childhood that had worn out.  Dr. Bruso replaced the fillings with tooth colored porcelain crowns.  They look and function so much better!


-Anne, Mission Hills

I fell on the ice last winter and broke half of my front tooth.  Dr. Bruso was able repair it with a porcelain veneer.  Now it looks like nothing ever happened.  Thank you!


-Amy, Fairway

After years of grinding, my teeth were very short and worn.  Dr. Bruso placed veneers and was able to restore my teeth to their original appearance.  I’m very excited about my new smile!

-Nancy, Mission Hills



I never liked the color or spaces between my front teeth.  My new veneers look natural and I’m so happy that Dr. Bruso suggested this option.

-Jerry (Kansas City)

When I was born, two of my adult teeth never came in.  After wearing a retainer for 12 years, Dr. Bruso placed two dental implants and restored them with crowns.  I finally have teeth that look and perform like normal.


-Paige, Kansas City

Dr. Bruso placed two dental implants to help stabilize my partial denture.  Finally, I can chew again!


-John, Kansas City

At age 88, I traveled to downtown Kansas City from Wichita to get six implants and five crowns.  I was amazed at how smoothly everything went.  Loved Dr. Bruso’s team as well.


-Gene, Wichita

Fast, easy and invisible.  Very simple to straighten my teeth with Invisalign!  Love, love, love my new smile!


-Molly, Kansas City

Thank you for helping me get my teeth straightened quickly in the year before my wedding!


-Megan, Kansas City