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Crowns and Partial Crowns in Kansas City

Crowns are necessary when a tooth has broken, has a large failing restoration, or has had a root canal.  They are made from dental porcelain and are able to reproduce the appearance and functionality of a natural tooth.  In some instances a partial crown is used when only a portion of the existing tooth may need to be replaced.  This allows the preservation of undamaged and otherwise strong tooth structure.

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Patients are saying

I came to Dr. Bruso’s office with a broken tooth in back. It felt jagged because part of an old filling was still there.

Dr. Bruso told me that there was enough good tooth left that he could put a partial crown in place.  Great result.  Very thankful.

-Lane, North Kansas City

I had old crowns on my front teeth that never looked right.  They had a dark color around the gum line.  Dr. Bruso told me that this grey color was due to the metal underneath them.  I was thrilled to get new porcelain crowns that matched my natural tooth color.  They look so much better that I can’t believe it!


-Suzanne, Lee’s Summit

I had several large silver fillings from my childhood that had worn out.  Dr. Bruso replaced the fillings with tooth colored porcelain crowns.  They look and function so much better!


-Anne, Mission Hills

Crowns are a work of art and Dr. Bruso is an artist.

-Tom, Kansas City