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Veneers in Kansas City

Veneers are thin layers of dental porcelain that are bonded to the natural teeth.  They allow an excellent conservative solution to improve the shape, size, color and position of the teeth.  Veneers can be combined with other dental treatments to help patients achieve their ideal smile.

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I fell on the ice last winter and broke half of my front tooth.  Dr. Bruso was able repair it with a porcelain veneer.  Now it looks like nothing ever happened.  Thank you!


-Amy, Fairway

After years of grinding, my teeth were very short and worn.  Dr. Bruso placed veneers and was able to restore my teeth to their original appearance.  I’m very excited about my new smile!

-Nancy, Mission Hills



I never liked the color or spaces between my front teeth.  My new veneers look natural and I’m so happy that Dr. Bruso suggested this option.

-Jerry (Kansas City)